In the hotel hospitality refurbishments and renewals are always ongoing. Customers often demand technical and design innovations to enhance their experience. This is why Saniskill offer solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality with safety that is one of the main aspects in a bathroom environment. An offer of products to match any style and need and that begins from the design of the item for a specific project, its manufacture and conservation of its data in order to manage the supply of spare parts in the future and provide personalised after sales assistance services.

Design challenges

While on the surface, hotel bathrooms look all fairly standardized and uniform with a logical arrangement of the showers, sinks, toilets and towel hangers at hand, the truth is that interior space designers often have to overcome unexpected challenges, whether the project is a new build, renovation, or adaptation. Not only does space need to meet the latest hospitality standards, guest demands, and brand policies, but every facet of the room, pardon the pun, requires a range of logistic solutions. Here are a few rules of a successful hotel bathroom design.